Happy doll making with Parabox!
The name has been changed to "Otohime (乙姫)" doll. Otohime "乙姫" name came from the princess of the Dragon Palace from the folk tale of Urashima Taro. Otohime dolls will be the modern version of your princess!
Parabox has just finished the final molding of the realistic look head and the Anime head! We named the realistic look head Yu-chan and the Anime look head Fu-chan!
We haven't finalized face-up options yet though!
Otohime doll sales will be pre-order style. We'll prepare for your Otohime doll upon your order!

Otohime doll characters

Otohime Doll Data

Doll materials
Soft vinyl (PVC) for both heads/body
About 80cm high from head to toe. About 1 kilo gram weight just for head and body
Will be 4 different face-ups for each Realistic-look head and Anime head
Realistic eyes(26mm~28mm), Anime eyes(34mm)
head size: 40cm/42cm
4 types of wigs will be available
Clothes will be released as they become available.
You can use 70cm size baby clothes and shoes.
Full set : 45,000 yen (shipping charge not included)
doll will include hand-painted head, body, eyes, wig in a house dress
An excludisve stand included, also.

The doll stand will be availalbe.

We will sell individual items later.
・Body & blank head = 27,000 yen
・Blank head only = 4,000 yen
・hand-painted head (comes with eyes and eyelashes):12,000 - 15,000 yen
Parabox will have face-up done after your order is placed.

Otohime Body

The Otohime body is all made out of soft vinyl (PVC).
It is very light because the inside of body is hollow.
Joints are made out of PVC so it is a little fragile and unsmooth movements
compared to the hard plastic joints body. So please take care of her gently.
She will be able to stand by herself without a stand.
You can use the stand that comes with the set,
if you would like to make her pose.

Past Sample Pictures of Otohime Dolls Below are old prototype pictures, different from the actural product.

Sample pictures taken in spring 2019. (taken in Nigata prefecture)

Sample pictures taken in autum 2018. (taken in Hokkaido prefecture)